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Ultimate Pool 3/4 Break Cue

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Break Cue: Version 1

Perfect your break with the new Ultimate Pool 3/4 Break Cue. Superb fibre ferule and a hard Ultimate tip measuring 11.2 to 11.5mm in diameter.

Forward balanced in weight distribution to help assist breaking the balls accurately time after time.

Length: 57 inches

Weight: between 19-21oz

Every cue is hand finished within the UK to a silky smooth finish. Please note every cue is slightly different and unique.

Version 1: Ash shaft and blackwood butt, long yellow veneer, black ash central splice and naturally coloured front brown ebony splice with unique variations so every cue is slightly different.

Version 2: Ash shaft and blackwood butt, long thick natutal white sycamore front veneer and figured black ash front splice 

Version 3: Ash shaft and blackwood butt, long thin natural sycamore sycamore veneer with contrasting blue veneer and lightwood padauk front splice similar in graining to dark olivewood that gives a lovely natural contrast.

Version 4: Ash shaft and blackwood butt, long thick natural sycamore veneer, thick black central veneer and naturally coloured zebrano front splice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Ceejay Green

Great cue

Tom Schmitt
Not within specs

I received my cue and was in good condition, with no damage in shipping. On the website it stated the tip would measure 11.2 to 11.5mm in diameter. The actual tip on the cue shipped was 10.9mm. The website also stated weight would be 19-21oz, and you could specify the weight when you order. If you did not have a weight within one ounce of specified weight, you contact me and see if that was okay before shipping. I specified 21 oz and the cue shipped was 19.55 ounce, which is out of tolerance of the one ounce rounding. I was never notified if it would be okay and the cue shipped anyway. So I have a cue that is not what I ordered or within the specifications you stated on your website.


Nice breaking cue dose the job

d m brooks
Lovely cue

Took time getting used to it but after that it's amazing and such great quality


Very nice cue, breaks really well, worth every penny