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Ultimate Pool Master Range of Cues

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Master Version: Master Version 1 - 2024

A luxurious selection of six superior graded ebony and ash cues ranging from the classic evergreen plain butt ¾ cue to the contemporary options of the multi-veneered black ash and purple heart splicework completing a truly outstanding and vibrant range.

  • Cue length: 58” long.
  • Cue weights: Ranging from 19.6oz to 20.6oz.
  • Tip size: 9.1mm to 9.3mm.
  • Superior high-grade, hand-selected ash.
  • Fitted with an internally threaded and glued high-caliber brass ferrule.
  • All Ultimate Pool Master cues come with a butt joint that is compatible with any cue extension.
  • All Ultimate Pool Master cues arrive polished, silky smooth, and are ready to play with straight away. They come fitted with a medium Ultimate Pool Cues blue tip that has been shaped and prepared for your first shot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Susan Baxter

Excellent quality and packaging, prompt delivery.

Gary Conway

Ultimate Pool Master Range of Cues


Amazing cue perfectly balanced helped a lot with my game


My fault but it's to heavy and tip far to big.i forgot to put down specifications

W Hutch
Master cue

The cue is not great for the price, I have a better cue that cost less. The shaft is poor it's not smooth there are some rough spots. The tip is good but overall worth a third of the price paid. A basic cue that won't improve your game.