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Ultimate Pool PRO Master Bundle - Blue

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Our Pro Master Blue Bundle is only available in limited quantities:

- Ultimate Pool Master Cue in Blue

- Ultimate Pool Professional Cue Case in Blue Patch

- Ultimate Pool Mini + Midi-Butt Cue Extensions

- Ultimate Pool Towel in Blue

All for £184.99

Master Cue:

A superior handed finished ebony and ash 3/4 cue with with contemporary blue finishing. A stiff straight grained premium ash shaft to aid potting accuracy and cueball control. The cue has 4 ebony splices above the join and an additional 8 blue splices on the butt of the cue. This isn't just a beautiful and unique set it feels beautiful in the hand to.

  • Cue length: 58” long.
  • Cue weights: Ranging from 19.6oz to 20.6oz.
  • Tip size: 9.1mm to 9.3mm.
  • Superior high-grade, hand-selected ash.
  • Fitted with an internally threaded and glued high-caliber brass ferrule.
  • All Ultimate Pool Master cues come with a butt joint that is compatible with any cue extension.
  • All Ultimate Pool Master cues arrive polished, silky smooth, and are ready to play with straight away. They come fitted with a medium Ultimate Pool Cues blue tip that has been shaped and prepared for your first shot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kevin Lambert Standen
Bundle in blue

Very pleased with my new cue what a difference to your bog standard pool hall cues my second break was millimetres from a golden. Thanks Ultimate Pool

Ryan Hewitt

Delivery - 10/10
Packaging - 10/10
Bundle 10/10
First time owning a cue and what a difference it makes than using bent up standard pub pool cues. Excellent value for money. Will be getting a break off cue next.

Thank you for sharing your feedback Ryan. We look forward to sending your next purchase :)


Absolutely banging cue.. it's a lovely smooth well finished cue and for that price well worth it


Absolutely in love with the cue I have so much more cue ball control


Brilliant cue to use