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Ultimate Pool are delighted to announce Home Leisure Direct and CPP as the Official Table Retailers of Ultimate Pool (Home Leisure Direct for UK / Ireland) and (CPP for Morocco/Northern Africa)  



The Rasson Apollo, which will be used at ALL Ultimate Pool events, is now available for pre-orders. 

This is the best English pool table on the market, having features normally found on high-end competition American pool tables. The Rasson Apollo represents a significant advance over any other English pool table on the market.

This pool table is made by Rasson, who are the world's largest pool table manufacturer, supplying the very best pool and snooker tables to the world's biggest competitions, including the Mosconi Cup (American 9 Ball Pool) and the Champion of Champions (Snooker). And now the UK's leading English Pool competition - Ultimate Pool.


Which trim option will you choose?

The Apollo is available in either the Apollo Black Edition with black trim - pocket corners, rails and feet, or the standard version.



Apollo's New Features  

  • Solid wood cabinet
  • One-piece cushion rail
  • Countersunk pocket liners
  • Steel slate supports
  • Precision slate
  • 35mm cushion height
  • Cushions bolted through slate
  • No-lifting levelling system
  • Cue ball sperator
  • Noise reduction ball return
  • Undertable triangle holder


What makes the Apollo Pool Table so special?

The Apollo has significant upgrades when compared to the standard English competition-style pool table in many areas:

Tick Solid wood cabinet - The Apollo's solid wood cabinet offers the ultimate strength & durability compared to an MDF cabinet.

Tick One-piece cushion rail - rather than have the cushion rubber attached to a wooden baton which is bolted in 3 places to the cushion rail, the cushion rubbers are glued directly to the solid wood cushion rail. This gives a far better and more consistent response.

Tick Countersunk pocket liners - giving a sleek appearance these pocket liners are flat to the rail surface, making cueing over the pocket far easier

Tick Steel slate supports - the slate is supported by two steel bars to ensure it is adequately supported throughout the life of the table, providing a perfectly level playing surface.

Tick Precision slate - the premium slate has been ground and sanded within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm, ensuring a level playing surface for use at the very highest level.

Tick Cushion height - we have lowered the cushion height to 35mm, instead of 37mm or 38mm found on most English pool tables. This makes striking the cue ball against the rail far easier to make a clean contact. This makes no compromise on ball response from the cushions, in fact, in testing it is improved.

Tick Cushions bolted through the slate - traditionally English pool tables have the cushion rail attached by a series of latches inside the table. The Apollo instead has the cushion rail bolted down through holes in the slate to ensure it provides the most solid connection between the rails and the playing surface. This ensures excellent ball response from the cushions.

Tick No-lift levelling system - the feet on the Apollo have a screw thread that can be accessed with a screwdriver, allowing you to turn clockwise or anticlockwise and level your table without having to lift the entire table and rotate the feet, as is necessary on many pool tables.

Tick Cue ball separator - on nearly all free play pool tables, when potting the cue ball it will return to the black spot end like all other balls. For players who are used to playing on competition or pub tables, this can prove irritating, and so to remedy this, the Apollo table is fitted with a cue ball separator which will return the cue ball to the baulk end.

Tick Noise-reducing ball return box - some customers have told us that when playing pool later in the evening, or when others are watching television, the ball return on other tables can create an echoing noise when the balls arrive in the box at the end of the table. To eliminate this the Apollo uses high-grade foam to deaden the noise experienced when the balls pass through the table and into the ball return boxes.

Tick Undertable triangle holder - makes storing away the triangle nice and easy.


The Rasson Apollo, which will be used at ALL Ultimate Pool events, is now available for pre-orders. 



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